What’s a Veneer?
A veneer is a thin ceramic covering that is placed over only the front part of the tooth. They look very natural and are very conservative because only a small amount of tooth structures needs to be removed.

Indications for veneers:
– Stained teeth
– Chipped, fractured or worn teeth
– Mishapen teeth
– Uneven space or bad alignment of teeth

Prerequisites for Veneers:
– The teeth and gums must be healthy
– Gum disease and cavities must be treated before veneers can be made
– No signs of aggressive grinding or bruxism as this could cause the veneers to fracture off

​What does getting a veneer involve:
First Appointment:
– Local anesthetic
– Prepare and shape the tooth to receive the veneer
– Take a highly accurate impression of the prepared tooth
– Make and fit a temporary veneer which will stay on your tooth for approximately 2 weeks while the final veneer is being fabricated by the dental laboratory

Second Appointment:
– Remove the temporary veneer
– Clean the tooth
– Try in the new veneer and adjust to ensure the spacing and bite are accurate.
– ​Permanently cement the final veneer